What Is IPM Associates, Inc.?

In February, 1996, Ray Thompson, Ph.D. Entomologist, established the consulting firm, IPM Associates, Inc. (Innovative Pest Management Associates, Inc.), for the expressed purpose of assisting the pest control industry with services that were heretofore unavailable or too expensive for the independent operator.

Our goals were to assist the pest control operator with services aimed at developing successful businesses. We provide informational programs to keep our clients in compliance with the Texas Structural Pest Control Service (SPCS), classroom training for technicians, continuing education classes for Pest Control Technicians and Certified Applicators, training courses to maintain compliance with OSHA, and other consulting and troubleshooting services.

Continuing Education Units are offered in ALL categories for both commercial and non-commercial applicators. Our clients receive customized and personalized service. Client benefits from our knowledge of SPCS Audits to ensure compliance. We will even do Pre-SBCS Establishment Inspection visits. We provide the "Records Keeping Program" for businesses licensed by the SPCS for CEU's each year as part of our basic service, along with special discounts to our clients on ALL training services that we provide.

We conduct classes at several locations, and also perform In-house training for the convenience of you and your employees. Our Home Study Program is for the Technician Apprentice in general and specific categories. Our clients also benefit from FREE insect identifications given by our highly trained and experienced associates. This also includes our expert treatment recommendations.

We will work with you to develop profitable, state-of-the-art programs that you can offer your customers. Assisting you with your success is our goal.

Innovative Pest Managment Associates, Inc. welcomes your inquiry. ~ Please direct to: .

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